LPM Ultimate Topper


LPM Ultimate Topper comes with:

1.) Topper to work on any game
2.) Location of hundreds of videos, which we call the basic set, you can view the basic set at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3zsOX-4hJzEudGFGsSm3Tg
3.) Location of a set of video’s for a specific game. We are working on these but will have 21 games done in the next 35 days. The list of games we will be doing first are listed below. When purchasing, please email us with the game you would like a premium video set for, we will send you the location of the videos by email when done.
4.) Universal hookup to turn on and off with your game.
5.) 3 different programs that will allow you to make your own videos from common online videos.
6.) Wall mount, if you want to mount on a wall.
7.) Europe plug in.

We do not sell the videos and we will not ship with videos; we supply you the location of the videos.

You may need an extension cord which is not included. You will need a windows computer to download the videos. Videos are subject to change without notice.

You get access to a library to 1 game below:
1.) Jurassic Park
2.) Star Wars
3.) Deadpool
4.) Scared Stiff
5.) Ghostbusters
6.) Iron Maiden
7.) Twilight Zone
8.) Batman 66
9.) Willy Wonka
10.) Metallica
11.) Lord of the Rings
12.) Indiana Jones
13.) Creature from the Black Lagoon
14.) Ironman
15.) Munsters
16.) Simpsons
17.) The Walking Dead
18.) Tron
19.) Game of thrones
20.) Spiderman
21.) Star Trek- Stern
22.) World Cup Soccer

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