Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Micro SD cards ONLY



Welcome to the future of pinball toppers and that future is toppers of Holograms!!

This is the SD card – videos ONLY.  This does NOT include the hologram kit.

If you would like to move your topper from one game to another, we offer the hologram (SD cards ONLY) premium sets for $49.99.

We also sell pinball Hologram Topper kits with the video of your choice.  However, this is the videos ONLY.

Ultimate Hologram Toppers and videos were painstakingly designed and assembled to ensure the best quality for our customers.  Hundreds of hours have gone into building this mod and videos to make it as clean, professional, and flexible as possible.

If you purchased a pinball hologram topper from us previously and want to change the videos, this is what you need.  If you own a 3D hologram of this style, but did not purchase from us, these videos will work for you using the conversion software that was supplied with your original hologram.  We only offer support on the 3D hologram hardware that was purchased from us.

Here are some clips of the top videos for your Pinball Machine topper, but it comes with more videos, and remember the holograms look 10 times better then these videos. The distortion you see in the below videos is because of the camera shutter speed, and you will not see that when your Ultimate Hologram Topper is set up:

Led Zeppelin Swan Song Hologram Topper Mod

Led Zeppelin The Hermit Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Led Zeppelin The Hindenburg Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Led Zeppelin Zeppelin Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Led Zeppelin Trailer Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Led Zeppelin Symbols Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Led Zeppelin Kashmir Teaser Pinball Machine Hologram Topper Mod

Disclaimer: We want to make it clear that we are not selling any copyrighted videos.  This is a custom modification for a pinball machine, I cannot make any guarantees or warranties I have taken care to test this product to the best of my abilities, however it your responsibility to make sure the SD card is installed correctly.