Voltage Regulator 12V-36V IN and 12V 1.5A OUT with Common LED Barrel Connectors


This voltage regulator is for connecting most common LED strips and power supplies, using a standard 5.5 x 2.1 barrel connector.


Since your pinball machine does not supply unregulated voltage, a voltage regulator is necessary if using any EL (Electroluminecent) panel product, such as our Glowing Instruction Cards, or Lighted Magnetic Hinge Covers.


Input Voltage Range: 12V-36V

Output Voltage: 12V

Output Current: 1.5A

Output Power: 18W

Output Peak Power: 130%

Voltage Regulation Factor: <1%

Overcurrent protection: YES

Overvoltage Protection: YES

Over-temp Protection: YES

Short-Circuit Protection: YES

Product size: 53*20*19mm