Power Tap for SAM / Whitestar Pinball Machine Systems with MOLEX and LED Connector


This power tap allows installation of many different MODs, even including other MOD manufacturer’s products.  It taps into your SAM/Whitestar standard MOLEX connection with included instructions, which provides an extra standard MOLEX, and a common LED Power Supply Barrel Connector (5.5 x 2.1)


Since a pinball machine supplies unregulated voltage when tapping into 12V sources, it is recommended that a voltage regulator be used with all of our EL (Electroluminesence) panel products if a service outlet and Wall Wart plug cannot be used.  These products include our Glowing Instruction Cards, and Lighted Magnetic Hinge Covers.  If you order an EL product, do not worry- everything is provided with the product, depending on which style of power supply you select at purchase.

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