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Ghostbusters GB Pinball Machine GLOWING WHITE GHOST LED Mod Stern


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Ghostbusters White Ghost “Rowan” mod

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

Enhance that ghostly feel to your Stern Ghostbusters pinball machine with our White Ghost mod. This is based on the famous ghost found in the Ghostbusters logo seen in the various movies (Fun Fact: His official name happens to be “Rowan”). We’ve designed Rowan to look like he is coming out of the playfield towards you, much like he appears to be coming out of the logo itself.

The best spot to mount Rowan is over the Librarian up-kicker target as pictured but there are many other spots in the game that would work just as well. The mod can be mounted using either Velcro or an adjustable mounting wire (both are included with the package). The mod is also backlit with LEDs to produce a soft white glow. You can opt to have it always lit or connect it to a playfield light using Comet Pinball’s light connector pack – no soldering required, just plug and play!

Please look at the pictures to see the connector pack, offering multiple ways to hook up this mod. If you can plug a bulb in, you can install this mod. Use any one of the 3 bulb connectors or alligator clips, all have a male plug, and your mod has a female plug. Quick and easy installation even if you are a novice.

The Rowan ghost mod measures: 1.75″ tall x 4.25″ long (back of head to tip of finger) x 1.65″ wide. It is compatible with all versions of Stern’s Ghostbusters pinball (Pro, Premium and LE).