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Aerosmith AS Pinball Machine ocean blue spinner TOP LED Mod Stern


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Top is custom designed to Aerosmith. It is an ocean blue top with a white light that shines through. The coolest thing about this mod is that it will show up on the display screen when the top goes into the toybox. This mod looks best mounted in different areas around the toybox. Because our mods are handcrafted, lighted and colored, there may be a very slight variation from mod to mod. Our mods come with lights, instructions and everything needed to install in game. These mods are also handcrafted from high impact crystal clear resin which means that this is going to give you a glowing effect that has not been possible with pinball mods before.

Easy installation

No soldering

No permanent changes to your game

InstallationOur mounting system is the easiest and quickest way to mount a mod which gives you complete flexibility. In just a few minutes, the mod can be installed with a supply precision cut stainless steel flat bracket that can be placed under a screw nut on the playfield. These can also be mounted with supplied rod mount, which is easily secured under a playfield screw nut allowing you to customize the placement of your mod. We also supply a Velcro mount for an easier placement. Wiring runs down any near playfield hole and can be connected to a playfield or GI light with either a plug or alligator clips.

This mod measures: 2.90″ tall x 2.01″ long x 1.92″ wide.