No Fear: Dangerous Sports Ultimate Lighted Speaker Panel


No Fear: Dangerous Sports Ultimate Lighted Speaker Panel – LED colored speakers, white panel


No Fear: Dangerous Sports ultimate Lighted Speaker Panel

Once you see these lighted speaker panels installed in your No Fear: Dangerous Sports pinball machine, you will wonder why it was not manufactured like that to begin with, and you will never look at pinball machines the same way again.

Lighted speaker panels are one of the largest, and most noticeable mods you can purchase. Most people feel this is the way the game should have been made. This is one of a few mods you can put on your game that you can see from across the room and it is so noticeable, it will jump out at you.

Your translite lights up, your play field lights up, why doesn’t your speaker panel light up? Because the manufactures did not know how to light up the speaker panel, but we do. Make your games look so impressive, that your friends and family will notice immediately.

Our lighted speaker panel comes with everything needed to install in your game and comes in 3 versions. In all versions you can adjust the brightness to the level you want. Most people like to match up the brightness to the translites. Depending on the model you purchase, you can adjust the color of the panel to match your game.

TWILIGHT ZONE – add a little blue lighting to enhance the blue on the speaker panel.
THE ADDAMS FAMILY – Go a little off white to match the mansion on the translite
THE GETAWAY – Add a little yellow to simulate daytime driving or a little blue for night time driving.
FISH TALES – Add blue to enhance the blue, or a little purple to enhance all colors.
THE SHADOW – A little green makes a perfect match to the translite
INDIANA JONES – A little yellow enhances all the gold on the panel.
TERMINATOR 2 – It is amazing how a slight color change on this panel makes the metal look like different metal.
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON – a little orange and it look like sunset, a little blue and it looks like a night time drive in.

Also depending on the version, you can get multicolor LED speaker lights with remote. These lights are built into the panel so you see the bulb illumination from the LED, not a blinding LED. We also offer magnetic silver mirrored speaker accessories that match the themes from the game that can be added to nearly every game. Everyone knows how spectacular speaker lights look on games, but have never been available on Bally/Williams games until now.

Also, to enhance your lighted speaker panels or speakers more, we offer a sound activated controller box to control those lights as an add on option for any board. Can you imagine the red speaker lights on Terminator 2 that react to the sound of the game? One controller box will control either the speakers, or lighted speaker panel.

The lighted speaker panel is designed to replace the wood panel in your game that the DMD and speakers mount to. Installation is easy: just transfer your current DMD and speakers to the new panel and drop in place. There are 2 wires that connect to your game to tell the panel to turn on and off when you turn on and off your game. We have designed the panels so these will not power from you game, so no power worries. The power comes from your service outlet in the game, but as we stated, still turns on and off with your game. This comes with everything needed to install in your game. The most time-consuming part of the installation is taking the film off of your original plastic speaker panel, however, we give you the tools and instructions to do that.

We currently make these panels for 22 games and will be adding more titles in the future.

These are the 3 versions of our lighted speaker panel, all come with a remote to control brightness:

BASIC – This panel lights up an adjustable white and makes a huge difference in the game. This panel does NOT have speaker lights and does NOT have color changing capabilities, it cannot be upgraded later.

DELUXE – This panel lights up white just like the basic panel, but also includes color changing LED’s in the speaker area. You get an additional remote for the speakers. Sold Out

ULTIMATE – This panel has full color changing capabilities for the panel and full color changing capabilities for the speakers. If you want to fine tune the color of your panel to match the feel of your game, or want a slight yellow tint because you prefer original accents, or warm LED’s in your game, this would be the best panel for you. We feel this is well worth the extra cost.

Other options we offer that can be added to your panel but DO NOT come with your panel:

New speaker plastic (for limited games) – $99.99
Mirrored Magnetic Speaker Accessories matching the game theme for a set of 2 (does not come with lights) – $29.99
Sound Activated Controller Box for either speakers or panels – $24.99

Every pinball modification is hand made. Items could have slight variations.