LED Sound Activated Controller


With this pinball machine mod, you will be able to empower the LEDs found in our lighted speaker panels to react to sound activation!  This creates a very interactive and addictive play experience.  Each controller box allows sound activation for either the LEDs in the speakers, or the LEDs in the Panel.

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This is a popular add-on for our lighted speaker panel products and will install flawlessly on any custom panel we make.  The lighted speaker panels do not come with this add-on by default.

Printable instructions for lighted speaker panels, as well as for Sound Activated Controller Box installations, can be reviewed here.

Adding lights not enough to get your pinball machine where you want it to be?  Take your customization to the next level by adding light control reactive to sound!
This will hook up as a replacement to the RGB color controller that originally comes with your Lighted Color Changing Speaker Panel.  If you have the Ultimate Lighted Speaker Panel product, you can control the lights on the speakers, or the lights on the panel.  You can control both, but will need two Sound Activated Controller Boxes.