KISS Stern Lighted Speaker Panel LED MOD- “Original Resemblance” Art Pack


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Our 3rd generation lighted speaker panel has arrived, with significant upgrades over our 2nd generation.  Lighted speaker panels for both metal and wood speaker paneled Stern games. Our Lighted Speaker Panels work with your games original DMD and speakers, or aftermarket COLOR DMD and speaker lights.  Allows your games speaker panels to illuminate using our custom lighted board and attached custom artwork. You have total control over color and brightness with remote, having your speaker panel light up to match your translate and game.

  • Full RGB color LED remote controlled lighting for speaker panels
  • Control brightness to seamlessly match your game
  • Includes custom artwork installed on panels (many styles very close to original artwork)
  • Replaces current speaker panel
  • Use your DMD and your speakers
  • Works with all popular aftermarket speaker light kits
  • Works with all popular aftermarket Plexiglass speaker covers
  • Works with all popular aftermarket speakers
  • Works with Color DMD
  • Easily installs using Molex power tap (or custom tap on select Spike games).
  • 12-year outdoor rated premium vinyl
  • No changes made to your game
  • No soldering required
  • 30-minute installation
  • Comes with everything needed to install, including all hardware and printable online instructions


Video of metal paneled Stern installation, wood panel is very similar installation:



Due to the materials used in manufacture, there could be a small texture on areas of the surface.   These panels do not have speaker lights, but all popular lighted speaker kits will work with this panel!  All necessary hardware is included.