Scared Stiff pinball Lighted Speaker kit for aftermarket speakers



Scared Stiff Lighted Speakers for aftermarket game speakers WPC-95

We make 4 different Bally/Williams Speaker Kits.  This listing is for WPC-95 games with aftermarket speakers, such as Flipper Fidelity or Pinballpro.  If you have the original game speakers, we have a different kit for those.


Great looking WPC95 Lighted Speaker Kits for Bally/Williams pinball machines using aftermarket speakers. There are reasons why you could never find Lighted Speaker kits for your Bally/Williams games that looked as good as the speaker light kits for Stern’s or the new Chicago Coin’s remake of classic Ball/Williams games. Bally/Williams used a midrange speaker, which is large, and a tweeter that is small, giving a very unbalanced look to your game when lit up. In the past, there was no way to make both sides look nearly identical till now.

Our Bally/Williams Lighted Speaker Kits use color changing LED light strips with a RGB controller to light up, this brings some flash to those plain pinball machine speakers. The 44 key remote makes it easy to switch between the 20 preset colors and 6 “Do It Yourself buttons,” that will give you nearly unlimited more colors. In addition, the remote offers special features such as flash, jump, fade, brightness, etc.

Our kit comes with a WPC-95 large speaker housing which is identical to the large speaker housing that you game came with originally, and eight – 1/4” Push Nuts to give an identical look to left and right, and create balance in your games:


Our Lighted speaker rings have a very clean look, which is important because the mounting system of the LED’s are visible on a WPC-95 speaker system. The speaker metal speaker grill is slightly larger than the speaker surround. With our LED mount system, the lights are embedded inside the speaker ring and hand painted to closely match the colors of the speaker. Because of our system, you do not see the LED directly from the front, but a smooth finish, giving a very pleasing look.


This Speaker Kit fits: Attack from Mars (1995), Cactus Canyon, Champion Pub,, Congo, Junk Yard, No Good Gofers, NBA Fastbreak, Medieval Madness (1997), Monster Bash (1998), Scared Stiff, Tales of the Arabian Nights




  1. WPC-95 large speaker housing
  2. 8 – 1/4” Push Nuts
  3. WPC-95 Power Tap
  4. Speaker light ring for midrange speaker
  5. Speaker light ring and mount for tweeter
  6. 1 meter 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug extension cord
  7. RGB LED 2 port controller
  8. 2 – 4 pin connectors
  9. 44 key remote control
  10. Remote battery
  11. Wire ties
  12. 8 – 1 1/4” #6 sheet metal screws
  13. 8 – #6 washers
  14. 8 – #6 lock washers

The Lighted Speaker kit comes with everything pictured in components.  The lighted speaker kit does not come with speakers, metal speaker grills or speaker panel.