Pirates Of The Caribbean Pinball Machine Glowing Instruction Card Kit EL Panel



Pirates Of The Caribbean – Stern

Glowing Instruction Cards






Anytime a new pinball machine is released to the market, players want to know what the rulesets are. Those rules help set apart layout designs from one another. If you’ve played a game with a lousy set of rules, you most likely aren’t going to give it another shot. To help players understand what the rules are and what shots to aim for, Instruction Cards have long existed for the purpose of teaching the player how the game works. Furthermore, how it scores or how much it costs ? if they bother to stop and read of course. Until the exclusive Electroluminescent Glowing Cards.

Original instructions cards are generally simple and boring affairs that only stand out because their plain nature contrasts to a machine that is otherwise covered in detailed artwork. Sure, they get the job done when it comes to providing a quick list of rules, but more can be done to make Instruction Cards with a machine. Apart from the occasional card that a modder prints themselves with some artwork, this has been one area that you probably didn’t think needed an innovation ? until now. Not only will you receive the main instruction card, but we also provide a basic free play card and a play cost card.  You will receive 2 completely different set of 3 cards, each set having different graphics, for a total of 6 cards.

Introducing our exclusive Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction Cards! Using the latest technology in Electroluminescent design (EL Panels), you’ll want to convert all of your games over to bring some attention to an area that is often overlooked. Pictures do not serve proper justice on how incredible and professional our Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction cards look in person. Rest assured that your pinball machine will look more remarkable than ever once they are installed.

Each card is designed to specifically fit the game it was created for so no adjusting will be required on your part. No need for you to deal with a printer, bleeding colors, finding the right art or figuring out how to get this tech to work without disrupting the rest of your machine.

First, remove old cards and insert wire end fittings from card in card holding slots.  Then, insert the card into the usual holding slots. Run the wires down into the game and connect them to our unique plug-n-play power system. Like our other modifications, these have been tested to minimize power conflicts, incorrect voltages and other issues that have plagued other electroluminescent designs. This design ensures that your machine will continue to operate smoothly and properly while enhancing the game. Once installed, just turn on your game. You can start impressing family, friends or customers right away!


Our exclusive Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction Cards are offered for several major manufacturers: Bally, Williams, Stern, Data East and Sega. They are also available in a variety of colors, white, light blue, dark blue, green, red, peach, yellow and purple.  White looks good in all games. It?s the brightest panel and it?s also the most popular.  White is also called white on, pink off because when the card is off, it does have a pinkish color to it.  This listing is for white on, pink off.


Glowing Instruction Card Kit Contents:

2 Glowing panels custom made to fit your Pinball manufacture

6 Transparent cards custom made for your game. 2 different sets of 3 cards.

1 inverter designed to power both glowing panels

1 Y connector

1 Power supply

1 Two-meter extension cable to install wiring in existing wire loops

1 PCB board to power on and off panels when game is turned on or off

2 Round Velcro dots

Zip ties to secure wires.


You will get a link to detailed installation instructions and here is video of general installation:

Video Installation Instructions


You can print your own cards using your own design, or download custom cards from sites such as pinballrebel.com or pinballcards.com, both donation funded site.  Items for this are not included on this listing, but instructions on how to do it are on the instructions.

*Notes:  Our exclusive Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction Cards will turn on and off when you turn on and off your game however, they will require to be plugged into your existing service outlet (also called courtesy outlet) which is normally located near the front right inside of every game, with the exception of Stern Spike, which is in the back box. It will look just like a regular power receptacle in your game. This is one of the easiest mods to install in a pinball machine and will come with complete installation instructions.  Best of all, installation can be done in under 10 minutes. We are not affiliated with any pinball manufacture.  If the name of a manufacture is on the apron, that is because that apron was made with the manufacture, and to demonstrate our glowing instruction cards custom fit that manufacture.  Apron or pinball machine are not included in the sale.
Pictures of glowing instruction cards on Star Wars and Ghost Busters are for demonstration, and are NOT included in the sale.