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A note about taps:

All of our taps utilize some foresight in pinball modding: they don’t just work for one mod.  Tapping off of your pinball machine for power has never been easier, with power adapters for SAM/Whitestar, WPC, WPC 95, SPIKE, and more on the way. (Not sure what your system is?  Check out our System Checker on the bottom of the Instructions page!)

Each one utilizes a 5.5 x 2.1 barrel connector that is commonly found on power boxes for LED strip light kits and other types of light kits.  A MOLEX is also a commonly utilized source of power, so if your system uses one, our taps don’t just supply power for one mod, but daisy chain your system to allow modding to its maximum potential.

Any product purchased from LightedPinballMods.com comes with all the necessary hardware, power adapters, instructions, and everything you’ll need for install.

So don’t worry- you don’t need to match these to a product or anything… buuut if you want to dive into the playfield- here’s some VERY helpful tools:

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