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Original instructions cards are generally simple and boring affairs that stand out- their plain nature contrasts to a machine that is otherwise covered in detailed artwork. Sure, they get the job done when it comes to providing a quick list of rules, but more can be done to make Instruction Cards become an integrated part of your machine.  Apart from the occasional card that a modder prints themselves with some artwork, this has been one area that is commonly a missed opportunity for innovation… until now.  Not only will you receive the main instruction card, but we alsoprovide a  basic free play card and a play cost card. You will receive 2 completely different sets of (3) cards, each set having different graphics– totaling 6 cards!

Introducing our exclusive Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction Cards! Using the latest technology in Electroluminescent design (EL Panels), you’ll want to convert all of your games over to bring some attention to an area that is often overlooked. Pictures do not serve proper justice on how incredible and professional our Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction cards look in person. Rest assured that your pinball machine will look more remarkable than ever once they are installed.

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