Pinball LED Mods

Pinball MODS with LEDs

Looking for Pinball LED Mods?  You've found the right place.  The Pinball LED Mods found here are exclusive, hand made, and high quality.

Our production procedures are well planned, and we have Pinball Mods here with over 4 years in design.

That means testing, prototyping, handling the unexpected, and perfecting a product.  Our state-of-the-art equipment means that you get a custom designed pinball machine LED mod that is well crafted, well tested, and simply WORKS.

Plasma Pop Bumpers Excite the Field

While not technically an LED, plasmas have long been fantasized inside a pin, but have never been achieved like this until today.  There are many obstacles to overcome and extreme tolerances when prototyping a product like this, and mass producing it.

We have been through many revisions, and are over 4 years in design on plasma pop bumpers.  Hundreds sold.  This is a high quality product that will not risk you breaking glass inside your machine.  They are crafted to be a fit for many scenarios, but not all.  About the thickness of 3 quarters, is what they are thicker than an original pop bumper.   So if you have a ramp already on top of your existing bumper, you'll need to think of a solution to that because even our Flat version will not fix it.

However, if you have a small amount of height tolerance, and about an hour to set aside to install these onto your playfield, you will light up the area like you have never seen before.  Our kits even come plug and play ready to light up and react exactly as the stock pop bumpers do, OR be always on, so the choice is yours.

Plasma Pop Bumpers are easily noticed, custom made with care, and an obvious upgrade to many playfields.

Glowing Instruction Cards bring light to the rules

Another product that is thought of as a pinball LED mod, but isn't technically an LED, is the Glowing Instruction Card upgrade kit.

These use EL Panels (electroeluminescent) to create a great effect for the instruction cards inside your pinball apron.  Before, the instruction cards have always been boring affairs, but not anymore with these brightly lit, swappable instruction cards.

These are available for select games, and are exclusive to!  The Glowing Instruction Cards install into your machine using adapters that plug right into your game.

That's right.  We've done the homework, found the right adapters you need, and provided them with the kit.  You download the instructions, plug the right adapters into your pin, and light up your apron's instruction cards like never before.  Pretty quick, simple enough, and a huge upgrade to your favorite title.

These are currently only available to install using a service outlet- meaning US pinball machines only on this one- but stay tuned, because we are releasing worldwide adaption kits very soon!

Conversely to some other products, these do utilize true LED technology to light up the way.  Truly appreciated in person and frustratingly difficult to photograph, are the Lighted Speaker Panels.

 Like many of our products, these have gone through many revisions and improvement phases along the way, and we have produced our first thousand speaker panels with exciting results!  The board you receive when you order a lighted speaker panel is a remake of the entire speaker panel board minus the plastic overlay in the front.  If you are looking for that plastic insert, as many modders will tell you, good luck!

Our product works with it, and you are sent a full kit to move your speakers, DMD, and scrape some plastic off your original panel to allow the light to shine through.  The install is simple, takes about an hour, and full instructions can easily be found within our site.

The Lighted Speaker Panels from are a pinball LED Mod that are one of the most highly appreciated mods we've seen yet.  They look amazing once installed, and are original innovations, custom made to your pin title. 

We get a lot of compliments on these, and we're sure your pinball machine will too once installed.

Magnetic Hinge Covers Install in 90 seconds!

While you'll probably want to sit down a bit longer with them than 90 seconds, we do have a 90 second video showing how easily installed this mod truly is.

While not a pinball LED mod, this is another product that uses an EL (electrolumenescent) Panel, so...close.  It is a brightly lit, customized look from across the room.

A Pinball machine's hinges are a place usually missed, and we think of it this way- here's this amazing, nostalgic machine- with all of the work of possible restorations, modifications, or small fixes that have gone into keeping a pinball machine in tip top shape...

It sits in the room, with a sizable footprint- and lights up those who look towards it.  It entices them to play.  To relive that "pinball experience" while balancing the ball of control and chaos.  To walk over to look inside the glass, and pull the lever to launch that ball once more.

In the room, it is a large machine with an entire world inside. From the outside, it sits in a state not truly delivering the enticing light show it holds within it.

What better way to personalize the display of this awesome machine you've placed into your game room, than a commonly missed area of the pinball machine- the pinball hinges.  With no permanent changes to your game, anyone could install these.  They turn on and off with your game, utilizing our photo-sensing relay technology.  They turn a boring, metal hinge that goes on every pinball machine, to a customizedlighted hinge that goes on YOUR pin.

We offer instructions available on our website, instructional videos, and ease of use adapters to make installation a snap.  If you were looking for a quality improvement to the overall look of your pin in the room, you've found it with the Lighted Magnetic Hinge Covers!

Our store boasts over 200 original play-field mods that are conceptualized and manufactured in our state of the art shop. Our playfield pinball mods look amazing inside of any pinball machine.

We make sure that our mods are as detailed as possible and are specifically designed to reproduce the images that are on the playfield, translite, or display. We use many systems to color the mods and use a wide variety of LED lighting systems in order to allow your mods to seamlessly fit into your game.

We strive for excellence so we’ve created an improved mounting system that gives you flexibility in mounting and installing your mods, yet allowing it to be as easy as possible.

All mods come with a convenient lighting system that is as easy to install as changing a light bulb.  If you are looking for adapter kits to make any installation easier, we have lists available to match adapters to your pinball title, or manufacturer.  Some adapter kits we have found help modders in general- even if your mod is from somewhere else!

Our store is full of mods that we currently hold in stock- we are clearing inventory!  If you're ready to see the difference in experience while modding a pinball machine, click below to browse our store.  Filter products by game title and quickly find your custom pinball LED mod!

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Pinball LED Mods Improve the experience

Think about your favorite pinball titles.  There was something about that title that excited you- that brought you in, and hooked you to loving that game.

Perhaps it was the sound effects, the light show and color coordination, or the feeling you got from the layout of the play-field.  More than likely, it was a combination of all of it.

That's the pinball experience, and we would love to share it with everyone we could.  There is something about a perfect balance of control and chaos, the small amounts of time of silence between the sound effects, and the lights flashing in sync inside the machine.

Our pinball LED mods improve that experience.  By adding professional customization, your pinball machine experience will be vastly improved by adding depth, richness, and interesting lighted and themed items for your eyes to dance to.

You will also feel more personally connected to your pinball experiences after adding a few mods.  When your hands touch a pinball game, and find out how easy it is to improve that playfield with an idea of your own, it can become addicting.

At, we are here to make that process extremely simple: with online instructions, video tutorials, and professionally manufactured, adapters-included pinball LED mods.  Plug and play ready, and ready to ship worldwide.

Don't overdue it- The over-use of LEDs in Pinball Machines

Star Wars Light Saber Pinball LED Mod

Star Wars Light Saber LED Mod

With the somewhat recent popularity spike of LED lighting, it's no surprise it has found its way into the pinball modding territory, as they are not only brighter, but also more energy efficient, and long-life!

However, a word of caution, especially to new modders, is to not over-do a pinball machine with LED modifications.  The internet is overflowing with information on ways to modify your pin with LEDs- light up the play-field, light up the ramps, light up the speaker boxes, and light up the back box.   LEDs can be cheap, and quick to install, and some modders find that too much lighting can become overwhelming to the pinball experience quickly.

Look, you already like your pinball machine, so at the end of the day, what you're really looking for is a way to professionally improve an already great experience.  A way to bring current technology into a nostalgic experience, without the loss of that mechanical feel.

What you want is, the right amount, of high quality LED mods.  Striking the right balance inside your pinball title is crucial, and working with products that don't make your game look cheesy and cheap, is important.

Mods purchased from are all custom made, hand selected, high quality pinball LED mods designed to make your pin stand out among its production models, beautify your pinball gaming experience, and customize your pinball machine without any permanent modifications to your machine.

Simple installations, state of the art manufacturing process, and quality, hand-made products over 4 years in design, is what sets on the top of the pinball modding game.