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Spoiler alert...

*Speaker panel shown is being prototyped and is not yet available for purchase.

😉 We are starting to collect a sizable pile of leftover prototypes- projects we made laying around the shop, but never made it into production, and/or product made that we will not be selling in the store.  We will only be selling these leftover prototypes to LightedPinballMods members  😉 

To join this membership, you'll need to be a pinball machine owner of at least one pin. You'll get your questions answered on what we're working on next, receiving behind the scenes photos of our production line products- some of which will never be available for sale in our stores. You'll also receive other spoiler alerts for upcoming products, and exclusive club member only coupon codes to use in our store.

Oh, the membership is free.  Just tell us which game you own and let us know where we can send you an e-mail below.

Attention all Non-USA Pinball Machine Owners!

Do you have a EU model pin with no service outlet?  Have you been on the fence about purchasing a Lighted Magnetic Hinge Kit, Glowing Instruction Card Kit, or Lighted Speaker Panel LED Kit, awaiting for our new power supply taps to come in stock?  Are you awaiting for the perfect method to power your lighted mods?  Then this post is for you-

We are updating our current EL products with game specific power adapters.  Staying true to the ways of Lighted Pinball Mods, we aim to achieve the highest pinball mod quality standard in the world, and do so even in our power adapters.  All power taps are designed to work with customers who may already have mods installed in their machine, whether using molex, or 3 pin taps.

For example, in the case of power adapters using a molex power adapter method, instead of just using a molex to tap into power for our product, we tap into the molex while providing an additional molex to run additional products after ours is installed.  It is this type of foresight and personal connectivity and love for the hobby of pinball modding that has brought on the success of

Rest assured that we are working overtime on uploading additional product lines, power adapters, voltage regulators, as well as the manuals that help install them.  When you buy a product from us, you aren't just left in the dark, but are provided with in depth written instruction manuals, as well as (in many cases, when available) full length step-by-step video installations.  

The ease of connectivity, unparalleled support, and undisputed top of class quality standards of products continues- VERY SOON to be found in worldwide powered and supported products that can be found nowhere else in the world.

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We are working on compiling the largest and most comprehensive pinball related directory on the internet.  If you have pinball machines, pinball parts, pinball services you offer, or even have a pinball bar you'd like to advertise, contact us to make sure your business ends up on this ambitious project.

New and Improved Website is here!

We have been improving our website design and storefront, and we are proud to announce our new web store is online and running.  Now improved with SSL security, GDPR Compliance, and mobile friendly, HTML 5 coding all translates to your pinball modding experience being a smooth, safe, and secure transaction haven.  Secured through the power of Paypal, we accept all major credit cards and now ship internationally.  Happy modding, and happy secure shopping at!  (Don't forget to sign up for our new mailing list- we will offer exclusive coupons and offers soon!)

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