Instructions sells mods and lighted products that require no permanent changes made to your pinball machine.  Our adapters are plug-and-play, allowing you to tap in to power sources already available on your machine, simply.

Whether that means unplugging a light bulb, (and inserting our provided tap) or simply using the service outlet available on your machine, here are some write-ups on getting your new mods plugged in, hooked up, and stealing the show.

Glowing Instruction Cards Installation

Lighted Magnetic Hinge Cover Installation

Lighted Shooter Covers Installation

Lighted Speaker Panel Installation

Pinspot Graphics Installation

Plasma Pop Bumpers Installation

Playfield Mod installation

Power Taps Installation

Speaker Light Kits Installation

Other Instructionals found below:

Line Cords, Plugs, and Wall Sockets

Bally/Williams Universal Backbox Relay Connector

Game System Checker