Custom Playfield Mods

Our store boasts over 200 original playfield mods that are created and manufacture in our state of the art shop.  Our playfield pinball mods look amazing inside of any pinball machine. We make sure that our mods are as detailed as possible and are specifically designed to reproduce the images that are on the playfield, translite, or display. We use many systems to color the mods and use a wide variety of LED lighting systems to give your mods that seamlessly fit into your game. We strive for excellence so we’ve created a improved mounting systems that gives you as much flex in mounting and installing your mods yet make it as easy as possible.  All mods come with a convenient lighting system that is as easy to install as changing a light bulb.

Lighted Speaker Panels

Our Lighted Pinball Speaker panels look so amazing in your game that it will leave you wondering why it wasn’t already created by manufactures. With over 2 years of design and 100 prototypes you and your friends will be amazed at how well these integrate into your game.  Each panel is designed to work with your game. With over 15 hours of hand crafting they look flawless.  The Lighted Pinball Speaker Panels bring life to your speaker panel artworkand give your speakers light that has never been available on these games.  Three panel options from our basic white panel to our ultimate panel that gives you choices of thousands of colors using a remote control for your panel and speakers.  This is one of the few pinball modifications that match the game perfectly and are just as visible while playing the game as they are from across the room.  With our optional sound activation system, you can have your panels, speakers or both come alive with sound activation.

Plasma Pop Bumpers

Our exclusive Plasma Pop Bumpers are one of the most dramatic mods you can purchase to enhance your game. Designed to work in nearly every manufacture of pinball machine with a very easy installation process, just a bit more work than changing a pop bumper cap. The Plasma Pop Bumpers can always be on, sound activated or turn on and off as your original pop bumpers would.  Over 18 months of design and over 1 year of play testing, designed for durability with a high impact resistant epoxy and zero power conflicts or power supplies issues.  They were the most talked about mod at the annual Allentown Pinball Expo of 2017. These pop bumpers will not only last the lifetime of your game, but they will make lightning in your game COME ALIVE!

Lighted Shooter Covers

Another original pinball mod line from lighted pinball mods. Com.  Add lighting to an area of your game that has never been lit before.  Using super bright color changing LED’s, you can set to one color to match your game or fade through 3 or 7 colors all from remote.  Installation in under 10 minutes.

Glowing Instruction Cards

Original instructions cards are generally simple and boring affairs that only stand out because their plain nature contrasts to a machine that is otherwise covered in detailed artwork. Sure, they get the job done when it comes to providing a quick list of rules, but more can be done to make Instruction Cards with a machine.

Introducing our exclusive Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction Cards (EL Panels)! Using the latest technology in Electroluminescent design, you'll want to convert all of your games over to bring some attention to an area that is often overlooked. Pictures do not serve proper justice on how incredible and professional our Electroluminescent Glowing Instruction Cards look in person. Rest assured that your pinball machine will look more remarkable than ever once they are installed.

Plexiglass Speaker Accessories

Our Plexi glass Is an easy dress up on your bland speaker area with our mirrored Plexi glass accessories. This design with magnets on the back takes seconds to install, it’s that simple. It’s also available for multiple games and is a beautiful accent with our lighted speaker panels as well!

Thank you for visiting!  We are manufacturing many original, amazing mods.  Some of our mods are over 18 months in design, including plasma pop bumpers, lighted speaker panels, glowing instruction cards, over 100 playfield mods, lighted shooter covers and lighted shooter rods.  Check out our store to see available universal fit and custom fit mods for your pinball machine!  We are populating our website, and we will be adding 20 items a week for the next few months.